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Change Management ist vor allem Mindset

David Brooks @NYT argumentiert in seinem Artikel vom 08. Februar 2018, dass wir unsere Kinder zum Problemlösen erziehen sollten. Dann wäre die nächste Generation eine ‚Changemaker‘-Generation.

„Your kid is 12. She tells you about some problem — the other kids at school are systematically mean to special-needs students. This is a big moment. You pause what you are doing and ask her if there’s anything she thinks she can do to solve the problem, not just for this kid but for the next time it happens, too.

Very few kids take action to solve the first problem they see, but eventually they come back having conceived and owning an idea. They organize their friends and do something. The adult job now is to get out of the way. Put the kids in charge.

Once a kid has had an idea, built a team and changed her world, she’s a changemaker. She has the power. She’ll go on to organize more teams. She will always be needed.

Drayton asks parents: “Does your daughter know that she is a changemaker? Is she practicing changemaking?”

Wir brauchen mehr Menschen auf allen Ebenen die, „Muster um sich herum sehen, die Probleme in jeder Situation erkennen, Wege finden, das Problem zu lösen, flüssige Teams organisieren, kollektive Aktionen leiten und sich dann kontinuierlich anpassen, wenn sich Situationen ändern.“

Das macht Mut. Und macht Spass.